Akwa Ibom govt approves recruitment of 200 health workers


The Akwa Ibom State Government has approved the recruitment of 200 additional health workers to complement the government’s ongoing intervention in the primary healthcare sector. Governor, Umo Eno approved Ikot Nkwo while inaugurating the newly built model Primary Health Centre initiated by his administration in the Ibesikpo Asutan Local Government Area of the state.

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He said, “The honourable Commissioner for Health has whispered to me that outside the 200 I approved for the general hospital, the primary health care needs some more. So as they are opening up, they need to be properly staffed. So, for the primary health centre, I am approving the recruitment of 200 additional health workers.

“The interview process will be extremely transparent. We are going to use a computer-based exam. I am going to get a consultant who will set the exams; the people will come, sit for the exams, and get their results right there. And if you pass, we take you. The employment will not be on any form of quota system. We want to employ the best for our health care system and even our educational system.”

The governor also revealed that he is willing to pay extra allowances as incentives to doctors and nurses working in primary healthcare facilities in the rural areas and directed the Commissioner for Internal Security to liaise with the village leadership and the DPO in charge of Ibesikpo-Asutan Division to provide adequate security for the personnel and equipment in the facility.

He said, “What we are witnessing here today is a great move to bring primary health care closer to the people in line with our ARISE Agenda, with emphasis on rural development. A few weeks into this administration, I paid a visit to what had, for decades, been a health centre that took care of the needs of this community. I was shocked and touched by how the place was. But I was also impressed that the community was kind enough to give out their community hall to be used as a health post. I was impressed by how well the record of patients and procedures were kept by the matron. We requested land from the community, and I want to thank the village head and all members of his community. They donated land to the government that same day. They never asked for any compensation, they just gave that land. That showed me that this is a community that needs development.

“We are prepared to work with communities that appreciate investment, and what government is doing for them. Because they gave this land and did not ask for anything, we feel we should not just take your land, but give you water to drink. So, we are giving you money, and we trust that your village council and your leaders will sit down and ensure that everyone that had a land here will get something,” he added.



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