America to help repatriate stolen funds

Ben Adam Shemang

The United States of America has assured President Muhammadu Buhari that all stolen money from Nigeria which has been taken to America, will be repatriated.

The American Secretary of State, Mr John Kerry Stated this while meeting with the Nigerian leader in Washington DC

“It’s not easy to hide that amount of money and we are pretty good in tracing them,” Mr Kerry assured President Buhari, adding that relevant United States Government Officials will meet with the Chairman of Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to discuss further cooperation in that regard.

The Secretary of State said that he has been told that the stolen Nigerian funds were in “billions of dollars”.

Mr. Kerry applauded the Buhari Administration’s success in rolling back the boko haram insurgency, saying that the United States will continue to give Nigeria all possible support to ensure that the terrorist sect is finally eliminated as a threat to national and regional security.

The Secretary of State also praised President Buhari’s clear order that Nigeria’s Armed Forces must show greater regard for the human rights of persons in the theatre of operations against boko haram.

Restoring Normalcy

Acknowledging that the United States has been of great help to his administration in the retraining and re-equipping of the Nigerian Armed Forces that has resulted in the significant success already achieved against boko haram, President Buhari said that the Federal Government was now working very hard to restore full normalcy in the North Eastern states.

“boko haram no longer holds any local government area. We are reconstructing damaged facilities and preparing the police to take over and reassert civilian control over areas affected by the insurgency,” the President told Mr. Kerry.

Appropriation Bill

President Buhari said that he would critically review the 2016 Appropriation Bill passed by the National Assembly before assenting to it.

“Some bureaucrats removed what we put in the proposal and replaced it with what they wanted. I have to look at the bill that has been passed by the National Assembly, ministry by ministry, to be sure that what has been brought back for me to sign is in line with our original submission,” the President said.

Responding to Mr Kerry’s promise to repatriate stolen fund to Nigeria, president Buhari said “It will greatly help our country if you assist us to recover all our stolen funds which we can establish to be within your financial system,” the President told Mr. Kerry.