Angola And Portugal Sign New Cooperation Agreement

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The president of Angola, João Lourenço, has welcomed the Portuguese president, António Costa, in the capital, Luanda.

Ministers from both countries signed a total of 13 agreements ranging from financial to legal.

“I have to say that we sensed a great willingness to collaborate on the part of the Portuguese justice system, with whom we were able to exchange not only information but also the alignment of Angola’s anti-corruption strategy and to say that in principle everything that was asked of the Portuguese authorities so that we could find the right correspondent”, said Angolan president, João Lourenço.

Meanwhile, the Portuguese prime minister announced a significant increase in the credit line granted to Angola.

“To support the Angolan government’s ambition and strategic approach to diversifying the country’s economy, we have significantly increased the credit line from one thousand five hundred to two billion euros”, announced António Costa, prime minister of Portugal.

The cooperation program signed between Portugal and Angola will last until 2027.


AFRICANEWS/Christopher Ojilere

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