Army Commanders receive Appreciation and Recognition Plaque

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The Nigerian Army has presented seven Senior Officers with the Chief of Army Staff’s Formation Command Appreciation and Recognition Plaque.

The Chief of Army Staff Lieutenant General Taoreed Lagbaja in recognise and appreciation of the deserving Senior Officers of the Nigerian Army presented the maiden edition of the Recognition Plaque, at the closing ceremony of the Chief of Army Staff’s First Quarter Conference 2024, held at the Command Officer’s Mess, Abuja, Nigeria’s Capital.

General Lagbaja said the recognition is in line with the Sanction and Reward System as one of the pillar of his Command Philosophy, to appreciate the contributions of the senior level commanders who were posted out of command between August 2023 and the first quarter of the year 2024.
The COAS pointed out that the formation command appreciation/recognition plaque does not qualify recipients for the Field Command Medal of Honour award and should not be cited as a basis for the instituted honors and awards.

While introducing and moderating the award ceremony and the awardees, the Chief of Policy and Plans Army, Major General Abdulsalam Ibrahim said the 7 commanders were recently posted out and the Plague is in appreciation of their service as commanders of the formations.

“Sometimes senior officers are posted out of Command to inject fresh ideas that align with Army Headquarters intent, and most cases due to exegencies of duties

“In a bid to correct the notion that postings are done out of bad fate, the Chief of Army Staff has instituted the first of its kind Chief of Army Staff’s Formation Command Appreciation Plague, to be presented to direct reporting formation commanders, like Force Commanders.”

Theatre Commanders, Corps Commanders, General Officers Commanding, Sectors Commanders and Guards Brigade Commanders at the end of their tour of duties in respective of the duration”

The first set of recipients of the Chief of Army Staff’s Formation Command Appreciation Plague were: Major General SI Igbiniwaya who Commanded Operation WILD STROKE between 19th April 2023 – 15th March 2024.

Major General Gold Chibuisi, who was the Force Commander Multinational Joint Task Force and Theatre Commander Operation HADIN KAI from 16th of April – 13th of March 2023 and July 2023 – 30th January 2024 respectively.

Major General BA Alabi, commanded 1 Division, Commander Operation WHIRL STROKE and 2 Division from 3rd of July to August 2023 and 1st September 2023 – 13th of March 2024 respectively.

Major General PP Mala Commanded 7 Division and SEC 1 Operation HADIN KAI Between 15th July 2023 – 1st February 2024.

Major General PA Okoye Commanded Sector 3 Operation HADIN KAI and Multinational Joint Task Force between 3rd April – 22nd August 2023.

Major General BU Okoro who Commanded 2 Division and 1 Division Operation WHIRL PUNCH 29 – 1st September 2023, 30th August – 12th March 2024 respectively.

Major General W. Maxwell Dangana Operation served as commander Sector 3 Operation HADIN KAI and Multinational Joint Task Force from 22nd August 2023 – 1st February 2024.



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