Artist Urges Nigerian Government To Support Entertainment Sector



Nigerian visual artist, Promise Ebegbulem, on Saturday urged the Federal Government to create more avenues for artists to access grants, to enable them thrive in their chosen profession.

Ebegbulem made the call in Lagos. State

According to her, this is important because the few available platforms for grants are not easily accessible for many artists.

She said to encourage more individuals to embrace the profession, government must be deliberate in encouraging the existing artists.

According to her, this encouragement can be in way of providing opportunities for artists to access grants and establishing more public art galleries for constant exhibition.

Investing in arts education from an early age, providing grants for art projects and establishing more public galleries and art spaces can significantly boost the industry.

Creating platforms for artists to showcase their work internationally can elevate the perception of Nigerian art on a global stage.

By doing so, we can inspire younger generations to pursue their artistic passions and contribute to the cultural and creative economy.

It is crucial for the government to recognise the arts as a vital component of cultural identity and economic development.”

Speaking on her challenges, the artist said she had to contend with limited access to funds and inadequate exhibition spaces.

According to her, there is also the issue of inconsistent support, which makes it difficult for artists to sustain a career in the arts.

It is also disheartening to observe lack of public appreciation for contemporary arts.

“To improve the industry, the government can establish more art grants and scholarships, develop infrastructure for art exhibitions and workshops, and create policies that protect and promote the intellectual property rights of artists.

Fostering partnerships between local artists and international art institutions can open up new opportunities for collaboration and growth,” she said.

Ebegbulem, who has been practising for over nine years said she had participated in more than seven public exhibitions where she shared her reflections on human nature and cultural values.

She said her journey, sparked by a profound personal challenge, led her to create captivating paintings that resonate with deep cultural, real life experience and emotional layers.

Ebegbulem said growing as an artist, she drew inspiration from artistic legends like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Ben Enwonwu.

Speaking on her recent work entitled “Reflections of Humanity”, Ebegbulem said she tried to make people realise the essence of engaging in self-reflection.

“Reflections of Humanity” is a mixed-media installation that combines traditional painting techniques with contemporary digital elements.

The piece explores the importance of self-reflection, acknowledging Nigerians’ shared human experience, and celebrating cultural diversity.

I was inspired by the current global happenings, where there seems to be a growing disconnect between people and their cultural roots.

With this work, I aim to encourage viewers to pause, reflect on their own lives, culture and recognise the potential for greatness and unity within our human diversity.

There will be a solo exhibition of this work in August,” she said.

Ebegbulem, who described herself as a self-taught contemporary visual artist from Imo, said she is currently a certified Artificial Intelligence Scientist and aspiring to do more.





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