Borno Governor Inspects State Specialist Hospital 

By Abubakar Mohammed,  Maiduguri 

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The Borno State Governor in Northeast Nigeria, paid an inspection visit on Saturday to the state specialist Hospital in Maiduguri, the capital. He expressed satisfaction regarding the cleanliness and maintenance of the hospital.

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Zulum visited the hospital on Saturday afternoon where he also noted that the hospital has some hitches, ranging from lack of doctors officeses and lack of enough bed to accommodate more patients.

He said: ” we have examine the capacity of the hospital and we will soon embark on erecting more structures and make certain adjustments in such a way doctors and other health allied staff will have officeses in the premises”.


He added that the government will procured medical equipment that are not in existence in the hospital, recruite more doctors and nurses and ensure wash facilities are provided.


“All these efforts are geared towards prepositioning the health care system in Borno State”, Zulum said.

Zulum also inspected the staff quarters of the hospital,  promise to renovate and erect new blog of flats at the premises to accommodate doctors close to the hospital to give in their best.


The governor had while leaving the hospital stopped at a construction site, where flats are under construction by the state government at the old police ground, which is about 70 to 80% completion.

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