China Begins Military Drills around Taiwan

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The Chinese Army has begun military exercises around Taiwan.

The exercise included live firing on the waters and in the airspace surrounding the island of Taiwan.

The exercises followed US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, a trip condemned by Beijing, which claims the self-governed island as its own.

Report says the drills would spread out across six locations and are due to end on Sunday.

Meanwhile, a professor at the National Defence University, Meng Xiangqing said that the location encircles the island in an unprecedented formation.

“This has created very good conditions for us when, in the future, we reshape our strategic landscape conducive to our unification.”

 He said “Chinese forces in two areas off the northern coast of Taiwan could potentially seal off Keelung, a major port, while strikes could be launched from an area east of Taiwan targeting the military bases in Hualien and Taidong,

“The doors to Kaoshiung could also be closed by the Chinese military off the southwestern coast.”



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