China intensifies efforts to boost foreign investment

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China’s State Council has outlined guidelines to further optimise foreign investment through adequate partnerships with numerous countries.

The guidelines aim to improve the overall balance between domestic and international business relationships and foster a world-class business environment that is market-oriented, law-based, and internationalised.

They also aim to strengthen China’s market, making more efforts in attracting and utilizing foreign investment.

Under the guidelines, 24 specific measures in six aspects have been put forward, according to the State Council.

These aspects include improving the quality of foreign capital utilisation, guaranteeing the national treatment of foreign-invested enterprises, strengthening the protection of foreign investment, improving the facilitation of investment and operation, increasing fiscal and tax support, and improving ways to promote foreign investment.

The statement also said that all regions of China are encouraged to adopt supporting measures in light of local conditions to enhance policy synergy.




Xinhua/Hauwa Abu



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