Chinese Company Establishes Energy Centre in Nigeria

By Tanimu Hassam, Abuja

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A Chinese Energy and Technology company, COMCORE in partnership with Macosine Design Nigeria Limited has established an  energy research centre in Abuja, to provide alternatives  for solar energy in Nigeria.

The development and research centre is expected to be established  in the six geo-political zones in Nigeria to boost  power supply in the country.

Apart from improving the energy sector, the centre is also creating technical and security job for the teeming youths  in Nigeria.

The Chief Executive Officer of Macosine Nigeria Limited, Mr. Ayomide Ketikue explained the main purpose of establishing the centre and how it works.

We are currently working with some distribution companies, transmitting companies and generation companies and we understand that Nigeria is being faced with power problem, we have worked with various engineers across the country to see how we can develop power generation in Nigeria.

He also explained the benefits Nigerians are expected to get from the energy centre through the collaboration.

He said, “We are going to collaborate with the Chinese Government to developed and form a new innovations technology that will help the power system, because our company provide services which includes, power generation and distribution, operation and maintenance, product services, energy management system and  energy analytics and intelligence with all these services and  we are optimistic that with this  partnership with Comcore, Nigeria’s power supply  problem will be minimised”

The General manager of the Comcore and Technology Group Mr, Kenny Zun said that the products of the company was ready to serve  Nigerians  with a reliable power solution.

Mr Zun also said that the company products are already being used by another countries around the world and such countries have ascertain the standard and affordability of the products.

He highlighted the different brand of the product that are available in the market.

Our products includes Uranus B5 for residential, Venus B3 split -type for residential also, portable power station for various outdoor appliances for emergency demands and the commercial and industrial ESS with integrated design integrates all battery modules,”he added.


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