Commission Moves to Boost Migration Management in Nigeria

By Rahila Lassa, Nasarawa 

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The National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons in Nigeria says there is need to build the capacities of relevant MDAs/CSOs that have the mandate to provide services to ensure the return, re-admission and re-integration of migrants.

Federal Commissioner, National Commission for Refugees Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons, Imaan Suleiman-Ibrahim said this at a stakeholders’ workshop organised in collaboration with International Organisation for Migration on the operationalization of the Standard Operating Procedure, SOP.

The Federal Commissioner said the aim of the workshop was to ensure enhanced coordination and collaboration for an effective, efficient and sustainable Return, Readmission and Reintegration management and migration governance in Nigeria.

Sulaiman said the Commission was committed to its responsibilities of ensuring better Migration management in Nigeria and particularly towards achieving sustainable reintegration of returnees, while extracting from the strengths and capacities of the various stakeholders.

Cooperation and Coordination

Suleiman-Ibrahim added that effective delivery of every mandate requires cooperation and coordination.

According to her, the workshop would provide step-by-step procedural methodology and timelines for the implementation of Return Readmission and Reintegration in Nigeria.

The SOP provides a framework for the coordination of different actors with varied expertise working on RRR; Propose clear responsibilities and operational boundaries of various actors while ensuring sustainability of the process; and provides a referral mechanism that takes into account the cross-cutting nature of migration and its impact on social configuration, that guarantees the safe, dignified 

humane and orderly treatment of Nigerian citizens upon their return,” she explained.

The Head of Mission, IOM, Prestage Murima said the overall objective of the workshop was to equip stakeholders with the necessary tools to contribute to safe, orderly and regular migration in the Sahel and Lake Chad as well as Horn of Africa regions.

Also represented by the National Project Manager, IOM, Emeka Anene, Murima said the SOP aims at prescribing standards and procedures, based on international law and policy, for the return, readmission and reintegration of returnees, in line with relevant international legal instruments.

“Specifically, the aspect of the project for which we have gathered here, aims to ensure that returning migrants achieve improved economic, social and psychosocial reintegration that also benefits communities.

“This can be achieved by the operationalization of the Standard Operational Procedures of return, readmission and reintegration developed by the National Working Group, by sensitizing and training stakeholders at the State and local levels on the provisions of this document,”

The IOM Head of Mission further enjoined participants to take due advantage of the opportunity of the workshop and make meaningful recommendations in the spirit of IOM’s whole of society approach to Migration Management.


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