Company trains stakeholders on Office communication skills

By Hadiza Ndadama, Abuja 


Star Sapphire, a leading Corporate Training Company in Nigeria has engaged stakeholders in the Public and Private sectors to discuss strategic approach to mastering office dynamics.

The conference, which was held in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital and also virtually aims to upgrade individuals to be able to manage communication and relationships better in the office atmosphere for improved outputs.

The Director General, National Center for Technology Management (NACETEM), Dr Olushola Odusanya said that after the conference, people will feel less stressed and rigour in the way they approach their job and realize that the job place is not a place of strife but one where the benefit of working together could be enjoyed.

“There is always opportunity for people to meet elsewhere and take advantage of that time when they were working together. So, keep the end in mind because there is always a better future outside that particular work environment,” he said.

The Director General, Nigerian Army Resource Centre, Major General Garba Ayodeji Wahab said that understanding the culture of every organization and upgrading oneself to socialize with people around is very critical for career progression.

“What is required of you is knowledge: knowledge about your environment, knowledge about yourself, knowledge about who work with you,” he said.

He identified discipline, loyalty, and teamwork, as attitudes employees must adopt.

The Chairman Star Sapphire Group, Mr. Amu Ogbeide stressed that Vision, value and Vibrancy are requirements for progressing in one’s career.

“As a country, we want to grow the productivity of Nigeria, we need our public and private organizations to be better, to improve, on the individual level, we need people to be a little bit more productive, is about the career, is about how you are doing five years from now, one year from now, so that’s what we hope to achieve at those three levels.”

He added that Star Sapphire uses digital technology to elevate trainings to reach much more different employers in order to impact their employees.

The Assistant Director, Learning and Career Development, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Sa’adatu Farouk explained that by the time you are self-awarded and can regulate your own emotions, and be sensitive and empathize with others, you will be able to prevent conflict coming your way or able to manage it.

“There is no doubt we are all humans and there are people that are just impossible but if you know who you are and you know how you can be sensitive to the feeling of the other person, it goes without saying that you are going to have seamless conducive positive work environment,” she said.

The Chief Executive Officer Centre stage Company, Dr Naomi Osemedua said that a lot of people do not understand how powerful networking and setting goals for networking is, hence losing out on golden opportunities.

“Be authentic, I think when people hear networking, they feel they have to be someone they are not. So, when you walk into a room first thing is, you want to be your authentic self because that will mean you can sustain the relationship,” she added.

The Founder Skillset Limited, Mr. Chinedu Ogbeide emphasized that focusing on things one can control is how one can create a positive environment.

“There are many things in life that you can’t control and some that you can control. And sometimes we go into frustration for some of the things we can’t control and that’s where negative energy comes from,” he said.

The convener of the conference, Ego Philips says it is important to know how to navigate the dynamics in the work place, creating visibility and understanding how well to do your job.

“Today is the inaugural conference where we start the conversation. We are going to keep engaging government, engaging management, employers to say you need to listen to us. Without us, there are no customers. You need to support us in the journey of our career. That’s why it is called Career progression,” she said.

The Program Manager, Hameed Shettima said that for effective governance or organizational success, people have to understand the dynamics of the workplace, stressing the need to go extra miles to learn such approaches.