Concerned Sokoto PDP Members Call For Free, Fair Party Congress

By Ismail Umar, Sokoto


Concerned Sokoto State People’s Democratic Party (PDP) members have urged the party leadership to conduct free, fair and credible election across the state.

The leader of the concerned members, Professor Hamza Maishanu, made the call while addressing Journalists at former Governor Bafarawa’s residence in Sokoto State.

The concerned party members comprise of representatives of executives from the local governments in the state and national executive council members from the northwest among other top stalwarts.

Professor Maishanu insisted that they will not accept appointment or crowning of party leaders for primordial and selfish interest. He advocated that members be left to choose their leaders across all levels through democratic means.

Maishanu expressed dismay at the alleged statement made by the present State party Chairman, Bello Goronyo, at a stakeholders forum meeting on 2nd June.

He said the Party chairman alleged that some members were contracted to destroy the party which he found disturbing.

He however called the chairman to clarify his statement so as to take every preemptive and remedial measures to thwart this sinister efforts if it is true of which the chairman declined.

Maishanu who was a gubernatorial aspirant in the 2019 general elections in the state added “If this is intended to spread unfounded rumours to create a wedge among the party members in order to appropriate the party for selfish interest, this we are going to resist vigorously.”

He called on the state chairman to answer questions as it relates to: Who are those contracted to destroy the party in the state? Who contracted them to do this dastardly act? How much was paid or promised to the execute the contract? And where was this contract given?.

Maishanu said the group sought to know the answers to the questions.

If on the other hand, the Chairman has all the evidences to buttress his allegations let him make them public for all to see. If he doesn’t have the evidences then let him retract his statements publicly and restore back the health of the party in the state”, Professor Maishanu said.





Emmanuel Ukoh

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