Cote D’Or wins Seychelles league Championship

Cote D’Or have been confirmed winners of the Seychelles First Division League for the 2016 season with two matches to spare.
Cote D’Or is a football club that currently plays in Seychelles League.
It is their second league title in three seasons after closest rivals and then defending champions, St. Michel, were beaten by St Louis on Saturday.
Cote D’Or has 45 points and their penultimate fixture against bitterest rivals, St Michel in two weeks will just serve academic purposes with the title race already decided.

An elated Club president of Cote D’or, Robert Payet said: “we deserve this title as the players were really determined to win some silverware this season; more so after we were knocked out in both cup competitions for different reasons.

“We have invested a lot in players so this is a just reward as our investment has borne fruit and we are also relieved that we won it before our last match because it would be a high pressure match for my team especially as we would have to play away from home”.

However, Cote D’Or started the season on a poor form, suffering three home defeats and according to their Malagasy coach Ahmed Abdou, who has been with the club since 2012, they found their rhythm at the right time leading to an unbeaten spells in the second halve of the 12-club league, scoring for fun and having netted 45 goals in 21 matches.

“We were too wayward in front of goals at the start of the season but we put in extra training and it paid off,” Abdou said.

“We have a good management team along with our fan club who are very supportive of the team in good times and even when results are not in our favour. We are a very ambitious club who strives on success and the players have worked very hard and this is a very good achievement which everyone should be proud of for the many sacrifices we have made this year,”
Abdou added.

The newly crowned champions have four foreign players in their squad including three Malagasies and Ugandan, Babbu Iddi, who has been a prolific goal scorer in his first season, and Abdou adds that he would like to strengthen his squad with a playmaker as they now turn their focus towards the CAF Champions League.

“My mission in the African competition is to get past the first round as this would be a decent accomplishment and we have a good enough squad which can surely compete on the continent,” Abdou concluded.



Aisha JM