Culture can diversify Nigerian economy – Creative Curator

Adoba Echono, Abuja

Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage has huge potentials of generating revenue for the country with the dwindling fortunes in oil revenue, which is the mainstay of the Nigerian economy.

Mr. Chukwuka Dibia aka CEF, the Creative Curator and organiser of Tamerri Festival, scheduled to hold from the 22nd to 23rd of April, 2016, in Abuja, stated this at a press briefing in Abuja heralding the pilot edition of the festival.

Mr. Dibia says the festival, which is the first organised, private and signature festival, has the potential to attract over 24 million naira to Nigeria’s economy.

The artiste further says that the festival would attract creative entrepreneurs, artists, tourists and also provide jobs opportunities for over fifty volunteer staff from across the country.

“There will be paid spaces for exhibitions, vendors, potential sponsors, tourists can come into this kind of space to experience our culture and make purchases of arts, crafts and fashionable wears peculiar to Nigerian artistes” Mr. Dibia disclosed.

The event will not only ensure the appreciation of the beauty in Nigeria’s varied ethnic groups but also provide the opportunity for the city to learn and develop festival culture from Lagos state, which hosts over twenty festivals per year.

According to Mr. Dibia, the festival will feature various cultures of Nigeria, aimed at promoting the spirit of tolerance and respect for the various cultures the country is endowed with.

To spread the ideals that inform Tamerri, Mr. Dibia says they will work with schools to encourage young artists to see the value in art, artistry and culture.

“Aside from the masquerade exhibition, the festival will engage primary and secondary school students in artistic creation and exhibition.”

 “An Art Gallery will also be set to provide vocational art workshops for participants.”

   “One of the festival’s exciting features is the Human Library, where instead of books about a handful of socially driven topics in the society; human beings are available to narrate their experience of that time, event or activity.”

Global Perception

Mr. Dibia also said that the festival can change Nigeria’s image and global perception, just as people travel to Germany for Jazz festival, Nigeria can be known for something too.

Tamerri originated from the ancient Nubian language, which means a beloved land.

So the target of the Tamerri Festival, according to Mr. Dibia is to make Nigeria a tourist’s haven.

The major theme of the pilot edition of Tamerri Festival which will take place in Abuja is: Appreciating Interconnectedness.