Democracy: FCT Ex-Minister Urges Nigerians To Embrace Empathy

By Hudu Yakubu Abuja 



The immediate past Minister of State for the Nigerian Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Mrs Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu has reminded Nigerians of the power of democracy and the importance of empathy and perseverance in the nation’s building.

Speaking during her 54th birthday with the orphans of Hope For Survival Orphanage in Gishiri organised by Team Ramatu, Mrs. Aliyu emphasised the need for Nigerians to come together and work towards a common goal.

She stated, “We must learn to be resolute and patient, persevering through the challenges we face as a nation. Let us strive to build a nation where no one is oppressed and where we can proudly hand over a banner without stain to our children.”

 Mrs Aliyu encouraged Nigerians to embrace empathy and understanding, saying, “Empathy is a vital quality that must be inbuilt in us. Let us learn to smile and rise above the pains inflicted upon us.”

She also urged Nigerians to take responsibility for nation-building, asking, “What have we contributed to nation-building? Let us sincerely pray for God to guide our leaders and work together for the betterment of this nation.”

Making her remarks, the proprietress of Hope for Survival Orphanage in Gishiri, Mrs Ruth Zakari Ibrahim, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the support they received.

 “Today, we are very grateful to God Almighty and the former Minister of State for FCT. We want to say more grease to her elbow for the food items she has brought for us today,” she said.

Ruth highlighted the significance of the gesture, especially given the current economic climate.

 “She has put a smile on our faces today, especially at a time when things are very expensive. She decided to bring all these things for us. We pray that the Almighty blesses her,” she continued.

She also acknowledged the effort it took for the former minister to visit the orphanage.

 “For her to leave the town and come here is very difficult, but God has put it in her heart to help orphans while celebrating her birthday,” Ruth added, emphasising the compassion and dedication shown by the former minister.

Meanwhile, Hajiya Aisha Bayi, the commander of the Team Ramatu Group, praised Mrs Ramatu’s selfless spirit, saying, “What we’ve witnessed here today is a testament to her humanitarian nature. 

 Hajiya Bayi noted that Mrs. Ramatu has always identified herself with the less privileged and given back to society.

 “We, her team, wanted to celebrate her in a way that aligns with her values, by visiting this orphanage and showing love to those who need it most”, she explained.

With a warm smile, Hajiya Aisha continued, “We hope that our gesture will inspire others to follow in Dr. Ramatu’s footsteps and extend a helping hand to those in need. It’s not always easy out there, but every small contribution counts, and we should give wholeheartedly.”

 The team’s visit to the orphanage was a heartwarming display of kindness and compassion, reflecting Mrs Ramatu’s enduring legacy of empathy and service to humanity. As they spent time with the children, playing games and distributing gifts, the joy and laughter were palpable, a testament to the power of selfless love and giving.


Dominica Nwabufo

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