Digital Revolution: Expert tasks Nigerians on use of ICT

Na'ankwat Dariem

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The President of Digital Bridge Institute, DBI, Professor Mohammed Ajiya, has called on Nigerians to embrace Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and the digital revolution.

This is in view of the Federal Executive Council, FEC, approval on the launch of 5G in the country.

Professor Ajiya, made the call during a breakfast meeting with Human Resource Managers and Training Executives, organized by the Digital Bridge Institute in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.

The DBI President stressed the urgent need for Nigerians to key into the digital world, declaring that the future is digital, adding that with the emergence of COVID-19, a new normal, and new way of doing things has also emerged through ICT and digital communications.

He pointed out that the Institute created and fully owned by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), was established in 2004 to build the capacity in telecommunications, ICT and the new technology.

He added that as an institution placed to train people and raise capacity, it was necessary to meet with the Human Resource Managers and Training Executives across all the sectors of the economy in order to Share what we thought the future should be, what the immediate needs will be and probably learn from you and we hope also that you take this to your organizations.”

He recalled that the Federal Executive Council (FEC) has approved the launch of 5G in the country, adding that;The 5G that we are talking about, the policy which has been approved by the Federal Executive Council (FEC) recently had already been launched in several countries. With the 5G, we are going to get so many things connected together and the future is data. So, we thought as an institution placed to train people, to raise capacity we should share what we thought the future should be.

“The Digital Bridge Institute is a creation of Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), so the institute has been in existence since the year 2004 and it’s a hundred percent owned by the NCC. The main purpose of establishing this institute is to build the capacity in telecommunications, ICT and the new technology, Ajiya explained

Speaking on the importance of the meeting and ICT, Professor Ajiya noted that  “We call it Human Resource Day because we invited heads of Human Resource to come and share with us and we share with them what we do and take you into what the future will be. We are now on the verge of what we call the Digital Revolution, some call it Industrial Revolution. We are all aware that with the emergence of COVID-19, we now have what we call the new normal, working from home or from anywhere, and not necessarily in the office, he stated

The DBI Boss further said that “This is showing to us a bit of what the future holds. The future really is digital. In few years to come, the way we work now will not be the way we are going to be working, they will be overtaken by the new way of doing things. The way of doing things hinges around technology, information technology.

“For you to utilize information technology, for you to use it, you must be conversant with the tools that you will use in processing and using the information technology.  These tools are nothing but the computer and when I say computer, it does not necessarily mean this desktop or laptop. Our phones are also computer, and, in many cases, they are even more powerful. So, the future, whether we like it or not is going to be digital, it is coming, and we must embrace it,” he reiterated.

Also speaking, the Chairman, Board of DBI, Olusegun Gbeleyi, a former Speaker, Ogun State House of Assembly, thanked the Human Resources managers for believing in DBI to be the trainer for their various institutions.

Gbeleyi assured them of DBI readiness to help them improve on their ICT knowledge with its world-class facilities and an array of professional tutors, adding, “I want to reassure you that we are ready to take you to the next level. We want to partner with you and ensure that we provide adequate and efficient training in digital and telecom studies to meet the global standard of e­-economy.

He added that; “Everything now is being driven digitally, the COVID-19 has opened our eyes when for the first time globally, executive council cabinet meetings of nations are being held virtually. This was not happening before and so many other things can be achieved by these devices and we want to encourage every department to understand this and allow the process of your work to be done by the digital process.”  



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