Diplomatic Envoys propose stronger relationship with Nigeria

The President of Chad, Idriss Deby says his country will take a joint action with the administration of Nigeria’s President Elect, General Muhammadu Buhari to fight the terrorist group, Boko Haram.
He said this when he paid a courtesy visit to General Buhari in Defence House in Abuja to congratulate him on his victory in the Presidential election.
 “I and President Elect Muhammadu Buhari will forsee this issue together and will have a common joint action to handle the issue of Boko Haram ” Deby said.
General Buhari on his part said he would continue to work with Chad, Niger and Cameron to fight Boko Haram and secure Nigeria’s borders.
“…The effect it has on commerce and industries, some of the bridges were blown, some of the infrastructures were destroyed, so these are the priorities we have discussed and God willing, when the government gets in place we will address it.”
Diplomatic envoys from other countries also visited the President Elect in order to strengthen diplomatic ties come May 29.
Among the countries were Denmark,Kenya, Netherlands, Kuwait and Japan.
The Ambassador of Denmark to Nigeria, Torben Gettermen said his country would set up a Denmark Embassy in Nigeria this year.
He said a Denmark Embassy was needed in Nigeria to strengthen the bilateral ties between both countries.
“We are back in full force to help Danish companies open up subsidiaries in Nigeria and hopefully also to create jobs,” he said.
Denmark has not had an Embassy in Nigeria for about twenty years due to some financial issues the country suffered in the early 90s.
Other diplomatic envoys to visit Nigeria’s President Elect are those from Lebanon, Sweden, Finland, Serbia, Algeria, Korea, Syria, Iraq, and India.
They are all interested in strengthening bilateral ties with Nigeria.