Education Minister Presents White Papers On 42 Higher Institutions

By: Temitope Mustapha, Abuja

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The Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, has presented Gazetted White Papers of the Presidential Visitation Exercise, an evaluation documents for forty two institutions, that took place between 2011 and 2020.

The Minister emphasized that the well-being and success of students, faculty, and the Nigerian populace as a whole depended on the effective execution of the recommendations contained in the document.

Presenting the document in Abuja , the Minister said that the exercise plays a pivotal role in ensuring that these institutions of higher education are fulfilling their intended objectives.

Adamu further stated that the release of the documents signifies the Federal Government’s commitment to ensuring the highest standards of education and academic excellence in our universities.

He added that it serve as a compass to guide the sector in achieving the objectives set forth by the Federal Government for which the institutions were established.

White Paper Assessment
These panels are entrusted with the responsibility of conducting a comprehensive assessment of our universities and inter-university centers, in accordance with approved guidelines.

“I must emphasize that the production of these white papers has demanded significant resources and unwavering effort from the Federal Government”

Adamu called for diligent implementation of recommendations outlined within the documents.

“The Federal Government has entrusted you with this crucial task, and failure to execute it faithfully will not be taken lightly”

Visitation Panels
The law that established federal universities grants the Visitor, Mr. President, the authority to appoint Visitation Panels every five years.

With the power bestowed upon the Visitor, Visitation Panels were constituted to undertake thorough assessments in thirty-eight (38) Federal Universities and four (4) inter-university centers across Nigeria.

The reports formed the basis for a painstaking review and deliberation process.

The panel further reviewed the reports and compiled the gazetted white papers, the documents which was presented to Nigerians.


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