Egyptian FA boss resigns to prevent FIFA sanctions

The Egyptian Football Association’s head Gamal Allam resigned on Saturday after FIFA warned that Egypt could be suspended from international football due to government interference.

“I took this decision to save Egyptian football especially after FIFA warned to suspend football activity,” Allam was quoted as saying after he submitted his resignation to the sports minister.

“I prefer to resign as I fear Egypt could face Kuwait’s fate, which was suspended by FIFA due to government interference,” the former EFA boss added.

FIFA statutes prohibit any government interference in football matters.

FIFA and the International Olympic Committee have both suspended Kuwait because of alleged government interference in the Gulf state’s sports scene.

“When I was attending the last FIFA congress in Mexico I watched the Kuwaiti officials fail in all their efforts to lift the suspension and to bring football back to life again,” Allam added.

Elections for a new board which holds every four years are set to take place in September.


Aisha JM