Evergreen Musical Coy starts building a musical museum in Lagos

Ekene Okafor, Lagos


The Evergreen Musical Company has commenced the construction of a musical museum in Ikeja, Lagos.

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This was disclosed in a statement on Sunday, by the Managing Director, Bimbo Esho, who stated that the museum, upon completion, would be named “Evergreen Music Heritage Foundation”.

Esho mentioned that the museum would enhance the promotion of music from the past with strong moral principles.

She stated that the intention was also to pass down to future generations a robust musical philosophy, all while acknowledging the exceptional artistic brilliance of Nigeria’s celebrated musical talents, many of whom had been overlooked.

According to her, the project was birthed following the collaboration between Chief Femi Esho, Founder of Evergreen Musical Company and Dr Daniel Olukoya, Founder of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry.

She said the edifice would accommodate a music museum, music library, gallery showcasing head burst of artistes, display of over 1,000 pictures of Nigerian musicians from 1914 till date.

She explained that there would also be relics of the musicians’ costumes, old musical instruments, an event centre for music concerts, cinema theatre, recording studio and so much more.

According to her, Olukoya, an ardent lover of good music had been of huge financial support to the project.

She noted that the founder of Evergreen Musical Company would remain the chairman of the foundation while Olukoya had been selected as the Patron.

“The project is a massive one, it is a historic landmark project that will stand the test of time and outlive all of us.

“Dr Olukoya has been more than supportive to our cause. He has been magnanimous and we remain eternally grateful to him for his love and support for this dream. But there’s still plenty of work to be done.

“This magnificent edifice is situated at Oyedele Ogunniyi street, Anthony Village, Ikeja, Lagos. We are still calling on all music enthusiasts, lovers of Nigerian music all over the world to come support this dream.

“It will be a contribution to a legacy that will be sustained for generations to come, all of the enduring morals and intrinsic values that our music of yesteryears taught us, all of which is lacking today.

“The edifice is a place the youth can come to enjoy quality music and research into the past musical history of some of Nigeria’s most accomplished musicians of the 50s, the 60s down to the 90s,” she said.

Esho said that the construction should be completed before the end of the year.





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