Expert advises parents on eye allergies among children


Health expert has advised parents to monitor and identify causes of eye issues emanating from allergies, especially among children.

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Mrs Farida Abdulkadir, the Officer in-charge of Eye Clinic, Bauchi State Specialist Hospital gave the advice during an interview in Bauchi.

She explained that allergies were commonly diagnosed in children and could affect their good sight and academic performance.

While raising concern over the number of children coming to the facility with allergies recently, the officer in-charge urged parents
to adhere to medical tips provided by experts.

According to her, “Some of the causes include dust, smoke, sun and artificial products such as cosmetics and detergent.

“Children come up with allergies every now and then and it could be prevented because once you identify a problem then solving it will be easy.

“Sight is very important but we still don’t take care of it; constant hand washing to avoid itching and other organisms from entering the eye should be preached to our kids.

“Those using motorcycles to go to school can use eye protection by using glasses to prevent foreign bodies from getting into the eye.”

Abdulkadir mentioned other ailments that could affect the sight, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Pre-eclampsia in pregnant women.

“We see patients coming to the clinic that were not diagnosed with diabetes or blood pressure but we refer them to the appropriate clinic because from the retina, you can detect the ailments mentioned.”

She, therefore, advised regular medical check up to protect the eyes from diseases.