Explore Lekompo, Asakaa on Spotify for diverse African sounds


The online music streaming platform, Spotify, suggests that enthusiasts broaden their musical horizons by moving beyond Amapiano and Afrobeats, encouraging a conscious embrace of diverse music genres.

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In a statement made in Lagos, Phiona Okumu, Spotify’s Head of Music for Sub-Saharan Africa, emphasized that music enthusiasts should recognize Africa’s abundance of underground talents, with artists seamlessly blending tradition and raw energy.

She said lovers of music must look into genres like Lekompo, Asakaa, Dancehall, Fuji, Gqom among others.
She pointed out that music enthusiasts have been unaware of the vast array of incredible African musical diversity that deserves exploration.

“Afrobeats and Amapiano own the spotlight right now. Those irresistible Afrobeats hooks have got the whole world dancing. And Amapiano’s hypnotic blend of South African house and street sounds are straight-up addictive.”

“Mainstream African artistes are pushing the boundaries like no one else, taking Amapiano and running with it. They are injecting their own fire, creating a whole new flavour.

“This is proof that African music is a living, breathing thing, always evolving, always surprising, always rooted in the soul.”

Okumu, however, noted that some of the artistes creating diverse and evolving sounds across sub-Saharan Africa were: Kaestyle, Kold AF, Sigag Lauren, Kah-lo, Yaadman, Lemon Adisa, Mr Thela and many more.

She said Africa’s music scene was a sonic melting pot, where rhythms collided and cultures connected.
“It is a universal language, a force that breaks boundaries and fuels the soul. This sonic tapestry isn’t just diverse, it is explosive.
“Music fans, it’s time to delve deeper! Beyond the mainstream spotlight, a treasure trove of music awaits.
“So, don’t limit yourself, explore, discover, and immerse yourself in the incredible diversity that African music has to offer,” she said.

Kaestyle is a Nigerian recording artist and music producer from Port Harcourt city, who reflects his relaxed personality through his music. His smooth vocals, leans towards R&B and soul
With exceptional penmanship and prowess, Kaestyle is carving a niche for himself in Nigeria’s growing music industry. His latest release Egberi is a fusion of highlife and drill, showcasing his versatility and innovation.

KoldAF is an emerging artist renowned for her unique blend of soul, dancehall, and R&B, while Sigag Lauren is a Nigerian EDM producer, DJ, singer, and songwriter. Renowned for innovative production style and versatility in blending various genres.