Former UN Envoy urges Nigeria to revive real sectors

Tunde Akanbi, Ilorin

A former United Nations envoy, Professor Ibrahim Gambari has called on the Nigerian Government to revive and expand the real sectors of the economy.

Professor Gambari who is also the Chancellor of the Kwara State University, gave the advice on Saturday while delivering his speech at the fourth convocation of the University.

He said President Muhammadu Buhari led government should focus its attention to manufacturing and agriculture, and renew the national infrastructure across the board.

According to him, in the pursuit of the contemporary agenda of change, close attention should be paid to measures and steps to overcome grinding poverty among Nigerians.

“The administration of buhari was elected on the promise of an agenda for change in our country. An agenda of change, if it is to be sustainable, cannot, however, depend on one person and must involve a collective endeavour to open a new chapter in national life that would represent both a clean break with the past and the opening of a new gateway into the future,” professor Gambari explained.

The Vice Chancellor also called for attitudinal change among the leaders and followers, stressing the need for reinvigoration of the institution of governance in such a way that the leaders and followers are playing complementary roles in nation and state building.

The Former envoy however advocated more investments in the public provisioning of accessible and quality educational and health services, and build an integrated social policy that feeds back into economic development.

Confidence O.