Foundation calls for more inclusion of Nigerian Youths in governance

Hudu Yakubu

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A Non-governmental Organization in Abuja Nigeria’s capital, Helpline Foundation for the Needy, has called on governments at all levels to give more opportunities to Nigerian Youths to participate in governance and decision-making.

President of the Foundation, Jumai Ahmadu made the call in a message to commemorate the 2022 International Youth Day.

She stated that it was expedient for the youth in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) to be given priority attention in the scheme of things, especially because they represent the strength and future of the Territory and the country.

Ahmadu commended the FCT Administration for facilitating youth engagement and development through the FCT youth network, with a view to channelling their energies, passions and talents into productive means and ensuring the growth and sustainable development of the nation’s capital.

She also praised President Muhammadu Buhari for evolving youth-friendly programmes, particularly in the social security aspect such as N-Power, and others, which have been instrumental in youth empowerment, and management of restiveness across the states of the Federation.

Addressing the youths, Ahmadu urged them not to allow themselves to be used as agents of destabilisation or political thugs, particularly as Nigeria heads for general elections.

She also called on the youths to be mindful of their future, stay positive at all times, in every situation, and always keep themselves busy with productive ventures and endeavours, even as she advised them against negative vices that will only jeopardise their future and put their families into trouble.

Ahmadu noted that there were a lot of empowerment programmes that were being carried out by her NGO and other organisations that the youths could take advantage of and improve their conditions of living.

The International Youth Day, which was introduced on August 12, 2000, seeks to raise awareness about the cultural and legal issues faced by youth across the globe.

The theme for this year’s celebration: “Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages, targets the inclusiveness of youths of all ages in societal development.




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