Foundation Empowers Girls with Reusable Sanitary Pads, Menstrual Hygiene Education

By Gloria Essien, Abuja

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A Non-profit Organisation, U-SAVE Foundation, has empowered seven hundred and fifty young girls with reusable sanitary Pads and menstrual education as well as education empowerment, in the Federal Capital Territory.

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This was part of the organisation’s impactful initiative at Government Day Secondary School in Bwari.

According to the Country Director of the Foundation, Mrs Uju Rochas Anwukah, the project aims to educate students about menstrual hygiene and sanitation and leaving a lasting impact on over 750 girls.

She said that it is also dedicated to improving health outcomes and promoting climate resilience through equitable access to safe drinking water, proper sanitation, and hygiene, recently conducted

” Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the team members, with the support of 30 U-SAVE volunteers and fellows, the event not only focused on menstrual hygiene but also highlighted the strong correlation between education on menstrual hygiene and the empowerment of the girl-child.During the enlightening session, students, both male and female, actively participated in discussions about the intricacies of the menstrual cycle, demonstrating the importance of education in breaking down societal taboos and misconceptions surrounding menstruation. By involving boys in the dialogue, U-SAVE Foundation aims to create a supportive environment where girls can openly discuss their menstrual health and receive the necessary support from their peers and communities”, Mrs Anwukah said.

She also noted that ” To further empower the female students, the session provided comprehensive guidance on accurately tracking menstrual cycles using flow tracker cards, ensuring that girls have the knowledge to manage their cycles effectively. Alongside this, the students received education on maintaining proper hygiene during menstruation, emphasizing the need for taking regular baths, at least twice a day. This holistic approach to menstrual education not only improves hygiene practices but also empowers girls to feel confident and comfortable during menstruation, enabling them to actively participate in their education without interruption”.

She said that the sensitization session introduced reusable menstrual pads as an alternative to traditional disposable products.

” The students enthusiastically embraced this sustainable and cost-effective option, understanding its benefits not only for their own well-being but also for the environment. By providing them with reusable pads, U-SAVE Foundation is promoting the importance of sustainable menstrual solutions, reducing waste, and creating a more eco-friendly future.As a gesture of support and encouragement, each student received a U-SAVE menstrual hygiene kit at the conclusion of the sensitization session. These kits contained reusable pads and a U-SAVE flow tracker card, providing the girls with the tools they need to manage their menstrual health effectively and with dignity. U-SAVE Foundation aims to empower girls to stay in school, ensuring they have the opportunity to reach their full potential”, She added.

She also pointed out that U-SAVE Foundation remains committed to improving the lives of individuals in low-income communities by addressing the challenges faced in accessing safe drinking water, proper sanitation, and hygiene.

“By integrating menstrual hygiene education alongside traditional education, we strive to break down barriers and empower girls to excel academically, pursue their dreams, and contribute to creating a more equitable society”, She added.


The Organisation plans to continue to reach out to young Nigerian girls with more reusable sanitary pads and enlightenment.


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