Ginger Farmers Seek Government Aid For Agricultural Crises

Mohammed Isa, Abuja

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The 2023 Farming Season has witnessed a tragedy for ginger farmers, particularly in the North Central region of Nigeria, where most of the cultivation occurs.

Farmers reports a distressing situation where ginger plants have wilted and dried prematurely, leaving them with heaps of rotten ginger.

The impact extends beyond financial losses, as many farmers struggle to repay loans they took to expand their production.

In response to this crisis, Her Excellency Dorothy Nuhu Aken’Ova, an APC Chieftain, has raised the alarm, emphasizing the urgent need for government intervention.

Ms. Dorothy Nuhu, who was a presidential aspirant in Nigeria, further called upon the Presidency, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the National Root Crops Research Institute to swiftly allocate resources for investigating this unexplained phenomenon.

She urged the agencies’ concern to conduct comprehensive research, raise awareness among farmers, bolster farmers’ associations, and provide necessary support and interventions to help them recover.

The crisis not only jeopardizes the livelihoods of countless farmers but also threatens to significantly impact Nigeria’s GDP and, by extension, the nation’s economy.“added Dorothy

Neglecting this critical sector would have far-reaching consequences, especially considering its potential to contribute to the country’s revenue and provide employment opportunities, especially for women who play a substantial role in the ginger farming sector.

As the nation endeavours to revitalize its economy and tackle financial challenges,
The APC Chieftain advised the government for urgent and proactive measures to prevent further losses in the ginger farming industry.

The government must swiftly address this crisis and safeguard the interests of farGinger Farmers Seek Government Aid For Agricultural Crisesmers, ultimately bolstering Nigeria’s agricultural sector and overall economic stability.”

Traditionally, ginger farming has been a lucrative venture and a vital spice in the country, with notable contributions to Nigeria’s export market.

This significant sector, once a thriving export commodity, is now grappling with a mysterious phenomenon resulting in substantial losses for farmers.


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