Governor Aregbesola tackles critics of Osun’s economy

Yinka Salaam, Osogbo

Governor Rauf Aregbesola has urged critics of his government to study critically, the statistical data released by various credible bodies which show what he described as ‘the phenomenal growth since his assumption of office.’

Aregbesola stated this during the presentation of the final report on the State of Osun Statistical System by the State Consultative Committee on Statistics, SCCS.

The Governor noted that statistics had to do with facts and evidence, stressing that a knowledge-driven society cannot exist without accurate data.

He said the state under his watch has forged ahead with massive infrastructural development across the state which peaked in the year 2014 before the decline in the revenue of the country.

“In the analysis for 2010 and 2011 by the National Bureau of statistics the banking transactions and other economic activities was tripled from 13.2billion to 32.3billion. It was the peak of our developmental activities before the drop in Federal allocation.

This stark reality shows how Osun in 2013 from its banking transactions and other economic activities rose from 13.2 billion to 170.2billion. No state in Nigeria, according to this statistic recorded this phenomenal growth.

Something must be responsible for this? Certainly it is government activities, so when they tell you that we have done nothing, refer them to this statistics of National Bureau of Statistics that showed that something happened here in 2013,” he emphasized.

The Governor commended the State Consultative Committee on Statistics led by the National President, Nigerian Statistical Association, Dr. Mohammed Musa Tumala, adding that his administration would implement its recommendations to the state.

In a speech, Dr Tumala the committee’s findings revealed that the state has a well-established Department of Macro-Statistics in the state’s office of Planning Commission, with a sufficient number of staffs with statistics background.

“We are of the view that the state is well positioned for the production of official statistics because of the existing institutional structure and human resources,” Tumala

He however recommended the development of human resources for statistics production; development of data production and establishment of management system for the Bureau of Statistics.