Governor Tambuwal eulogizes Dasuki

Hajia Sani

Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal has eulogized the late Sultan of Sokoto, Ibrahim Dasuki, saying  “the history of local government reform in Nigeria will not be complete without the mention of the important role Sultan Dasuki and his colleagues played in giving the country the present structure we are enjoying at the third tier of government.

For the years Dasuki spent on the throne as Sultan of Sokoto, he gave priority attention to the educational development of our people by promoting adult and women literacy in all parts of Sokoto.

He equally paid attention to the revitalisation of religious education especially among Imams of various mosques in the Caliphate.”

The Sokoto governor added that the 18th Sultan “dedicated time, energy and resources in promoting religious harmony especially between Muslims in the North and South West of the country. So also is his efforts at promoting peaceful coexistence between and among various religious groups within the country and beyond.

In addition, he will be remembered for formulating workable framework for the prevention and management of inter-communal clashes in Nigeria.”

 “As a person who rose to the pinnacle of civil service and retired as a Federal Permanent Secretary, Sultan Dasuki dedicated his later years to mentoring young Nigerians on aspect of leadership, public administration and community service,” the governor concluded.