Governor Yahaya Bello’s appointment gold to 2023 Election – APC Group

Aanya Igomu, Abuja 

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The APC Young Stakeholders Group says the appointment of Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State as the National Youth Coordinator for the All Progressives Congress, APC Presidential Campaign is the gold to winning the 2023 Presidential election.

The group’s spokesperson, Mr. Aliyu Audu, said this in a press briefing in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.

He stated that considering young people have the largest population in Nigeria, APC appointed the most suitable individual to mobilise the youth.

Mr. Audu cited Governor Bello’s track record and street credibility as the qualities that will make him able to win the votes of young people.

“The APC Young Stakeholders want to put it on record that the choice of Yahaya Bello as the National Youth Coordinator is a good omen to the party’s success in the forthcoming election.

“The appointment excites us and for no far-fetched reasons.

“He is not only the most qualified for that noble assignment, but his connection with the nation’s youthful population also puts him ahead of any other person ordinarily in consideration. 

“Governor Yahaya Bello as the representative and face of the youths in politics and government, has built a strong base of his primary demography by working well with them at every opportunity.

“This has been shown by his roles in various capacities involving the youth. He brought millions of youth into the APC when he chaired the party’s Women and Youth Mobilisation and Sensitisation Committee in 2020.

“Bello towered higher by maintaining peace and even playing mediocrity during the famous ENDSARS protest held across the country.

“It proved his Patriotism and commitment to National development again when he intervened in the face-off between northern farmers and the southern region that led to the blockage of the supply of food products to the south in 2020. 

“From sports persons to musicians, actors, and many other youthful professionals, Bello has a deep-rooted relationship with this demography that can well be the gold that the APC needs to win the forthcoming presidential election,” Audu said.

The group spokesperson commended the APC Presidential Candidate, Bola Tinubu, for his astuteness in picking suitable individuals for different roles over the years.

The group is calling to say that “Nigerian youths and middle-aged should use this 2023 presidential campaign as an opportunity to show readiness to lead and contribute much needed quota in the development of Nigeria.

This is by ensuring issue-based campaign and shunning all manners of violence, hostility and unwarranted attacks on personality as we patriotic young stakeholders in the party are open and welcome to cerebral conversations on topics of National concerns.”



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