Group Seeks Religious Leaders Support To Tackle Climate Change

By Stephen Fajonyomi, Abuja


The Founder/Chief Executive Officer of CODE, connected development a Non-Governmental climate change agency in Africa,Mr. Hamzat Lawal made a call when the group organized an Inter-faith dialogue on Climate change in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.

Mr. Lawal disclosed that Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time, affecting communities worldwide. In Nigeria, the impacts of climate change are increasingly evident, with rising temperatures, inconsistent rainfall patterns, and extreme weather conditions posing significant threats to livelihoods, food security, and environmental sustainability.

Recognizing the urgency of addressing climate change and the need for inclusive, multi-stakeholder approaches was therefore significant. Hence the invitation for religious leaders to offer their expressions to tackling the effect of climate change.

“Human factors are great contributors to climate change. Humans must therefore embark on attitudinal change to make the environment more conducive”. He added.

“Today, we are trying to highlight how we can use religion and inter-faith to guide us to improve messaging on climate change so they can be simplified. And we will use it to mobilize citizens to take action. We believe that as the date draws closer to the United Nations Climate Change Conference, it is important that we leverage on the faith pavilion”. He added.

Hyeladzira James Meshelia, CODE Programmes Manager, maintained that programmes and dialogues like this would be sustained to ensure that citizens track Ecological funds given to Executive officers to ensure such funds are used for the purpose they are meant.

She stated that through advocacy programmes, the voices and opinions of people at the grassroots especially women and children would be heard.

“We’ve been able to ensure that women are now key players in decision making through our advocacies. We look forward to your participation and appreciate your continued support in raising awareness and inspiring collective action towards a more sustainable future for Nigeria and beyond”. She stated.

The Inter-faith dialogue had in attendance religious leaders, climate professionals, and civil society organizations to foster collaboration and collective action in addressing the pressing challenge of climate change.

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