Hospital offers free medical services to Abuja community

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The management of Silver Cross Hospital Abuja, has provided free medical service to residents of Guidna community, a suburb of the FCT on Kubwa-Kagini expressway.

The Chief Medical Director of the hospital, Dr Patrick Ezie, said that the outreach was organised to provide comprehensive health care to the community and its neighbouring communities.

He explained that the event was organised in collaboration with Shalina Healthcare, Moesillo Foundation and the Petfernandes Foundation.

He said that no fewer than 350 women, men, youth and children of all ages came out to take advantage of the free medical services.

The services rendered include, checking blood pressure , Ultrasound Scan for pregnant women, medical and surgical consultation, HIV Screening, Free Drugs, distribution of food items, snacks, clothings, shoes and toiletries, among others.

The chief medical director explained that the hospital was out to serve the people, especially the less privileged.

“We noticed that most of them are living below the poverty level, so even though we run a facility, we try as much as possible to provide medical services to them. So that those that cannot access the hospital, can benefit from the free outreach.

“All this is to detect their health problems early and to give the community a healthier position of living so that they are not caught up with emergency situations.

He added that the free medical outreach would be continuous, as the hospital intends to make it a monthly or bi-monthly exercise.

“Typically, the average Nigerian have poor health seeking behaviour and that is where most of our problems originates from.

“That behaviour makes them present most times in emergencies and you will find out that these things would have been easily prevented if they had access to care on time.

“For instance, we discovered in the exercise that most people had high blood pressure and they were not aware of it.

“If we did not do this medical intervention, most of them would have come down with stroke, heart attack and sudden deaths within a couple of months.

“Though we gave them free medications to manage, all these life savings endeavours is to ensure people are healthier in this community and the neighbouring communities.” 

A beneficiary, Mrs Nkechi Ndommadu, who was pregnant said, “I really appreciate the hospital for the free medical outreach and I like the proximity to our place in this community.

“We have never enjoyed such services in this community before and bringing this to us has really reduced the burden of going outside the community to get medical services.”

Another beneficiary, Mr Micheal Odenyi, also appreciated the hospital for their kind gesture. He said, “It is a privileged to have this hospital bring this free medical outreach to our community. It has really helped by reducing the economic hardship on us, I pray that God will bless them.” 





Temitope/The Sun


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