ICT remains solution to education challenges

Temitope Mustapha, Abuja

Information Communication Technology remains the solution to addressing challenges of access and quality education in Nigeria.

This was the summation of Stakeholders at the Workshop jointly organised by the National Universities Commission and Gregory University to introduce Blackboard technology to Universities in Nigeria.

Speaking at the workshop, the Regional Director Of Blackboard technology, Juan Alugert said Nigeria and Africa would soon lead the world in e-learning due to her population strength.

Alugert also said Nigeria must facilitate technology enabling environment to fully address the problem of access affecting Nigeria educational system.

“Technology is an enabler which is not a solution in itself, Education remains the way through but combining technology to education enhances student performance and increase enrolment.”

“The key problems confronting education in Nigeria we discover are: access, massification, employability and quality. At Blackboard, we have proven this in South Africa; where over 60,000 students are on our platform using it almost at the same time. We believe managing the huge population in Nigeria higher institutions will not be a problem. More so in these key challenges, technology will play a key role,” Alugert said.

Quality standard
The Vice Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University, Professor Ibrahim Garba said that integration of technology to Nigeria Universities would enable institutions manage population and also maintain quality standard.

The Chancellor of Gregory University, Professor Gregory Ibe said that introduction of Blackboard technology to Nigeria higher institutions would reposition Nigeria tertiary institutions in the world academic field.

Gregory identified poor funding, manual system of teaching and plagiarism as fundamental problems hindering successful research and science development in Nigeria universities.

He stated that Blackboard technology would provide another opportunity for all to re-imagine varsity education.

“The Blackboard platform will eliminate plagiarism and will improve access to learning; it will also improve quality of teaching and creating easy access for students to lecturers, while it automatically enhance visibility of research materials,” he added.