Initiative Set to Support Women, Youth Farmers in Nigeria

By Ene Okwanihe, Abuja


The Nigeria Women for Agricultural Progressive and Development Initiative (NWAPDI) says it is set to work and support exclusively women in agriculture across the country to ensure women have a say in Nigeria’s agricultural sector.

Speaking at a media briefing in Abuja Nigeria’s Capital, the National Coordinator and President (NWAP) Farmer Omolara Svensson, said initiative which was launched in February of this year is specifically to ensure that women have significant roles to play in shaping Nigeria’s agricultural landscape.

“Nigeria Women for Agricultural Progressive and Development Initiative was established as the first and foremost Nigerian organization exclusively for women involved in the agricultural sector, spanning production, processing, trading and commerce”.

“Unlike All Farmers Association of Nigeria and similar organizations, the Nigeria Women for Agricultural Progressive and Development Initiative is uniquely focused on empowering and supporting women in agriculture across Nigeria, our mission is to ensure that women have significant and influential role in shaping the agricultural landscape of our dear country”.



During the briefing, Farmer svensson disclosed that NWAP has dissociated itself from the All Farmers Association of Nigeria [AFAN] citing lack of inclusion of women in the scheme of event and the unending power tussle in AFAN.

“After careful consideration and deliberation, the Nigeria Women for Agricultural Progressive and Development Initiative (NWAP) has decided to dissociate from AFAN. This decision has not been taken lightly but is necessary due to two primary concerns: The poor inclusion of women in AFAN’s activities and the ongoing leadership tussles within the organization, which I tried to address during my tenure as Head of Women in Agriculture for the Oyo State AFAN chapter. Despite numerous efforts to resolve these complicated issues, we have found it necessary to redirect our energy and resources to NWAP”.

According to Farmer Svensson, the continuous leadership disputes within AFAN have created an unstable and counterproductive environment.

She noted that the internal conflicts have hampered effective collaboration and progress, making it increasingly challenging for NWAP to fulfill its mandate under such circumstances.


“NWAP will continue to work tirelessly to support and uplift women in agriculture through various programs, initiatives, and advocacy efforts. We remain dedicated to our vision of a robust and inclusive agricultural sector where women play a leading and decisive role”.

“We thank you for your understanding and support as we navigate this new chapter. NWAP remains steadfast in our commitment to empowering women in agriculture and contributing to the sustainable development of Nigeria’s agricultural industry” she added




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