Kate Henshaw’s ‘Blood Sisters’ premieres May 5


The Behind the Scenes of the upcoming Nigerian series ‘Blood sisters’ revealed the way veteran actress and fitness enthusiast Kate Henshaw was made to look older than her real age.

The Make-up artist Carina Ojoko and costume designer Yolanda Okereke revealed in detail, how they handled her character and made Kate Henshaw’s look in crime thriller was created.

Make-up artist: Carina Ojoko explained that the process of ageing Kate Henshaw as Uduak a 60-year-old woman was tough so experiments, make up tests were carried to figure out the best solution before project took off and during this process, “we concluded on a subtle ageing approach, less being better” she said.

“We used a combination of special effects latex and colour creams to create the ageing process on the skin and we simultaneously applied the special effects and beauty make-up to get the look right.

We then did about three to four touch-ups on average during scenes and because of the pre-planning, the execution of the shoots was quite seamless. Kate Henshaw was really lovely, helpful, accommodating and completely professional during the whole process. We loved working with her.” she added.

“Uduak is a powerful matriarch so we wanted to go grand, bold and intentional with the choice of wardrobe, fabric, texture and colour” Yolanda Okereke, who is in charge of the wardrobe said. She said using velvet embellished Chantilly lace as an example. She expressed that a lot of work was done to add volume and stature to Kate Henshaw who plays Uduak, because her character is so powerful, the wardrobe pieces had to emphasize this while being elegant.

“The execution took two months because it was so precise. I aimed for nothing less than perfection so I sometimes even recreated certain outfits twice as we worked around timelines, with the right tailors and the perfect fabrics. Creating Uduak’s wardrobe was my favourite wardrobe I’ve created for a movie in a really long time.” she continued.


The upcoming series ‘Blood Sisters’ from EbonyLife Studios, which will premiere on Netflix on May 5, 2022, globally and exclusively. The series saw actors like  Nancy Isime and Ini Dima Okojie and also has Kate Henshaw who leads in the role as a woman in her 60s.

Ebony Life studios is a Nigerian entertainment TV channel owned by Mosunmola Abudu popularly known as Mo Abudu. It was launched on DSTV on July, 2013 after which the station was later added to DSTV in September 2014. Ebonylife Films has produced a couple of notable and well-grossing films and TV series in Nigeria like Fifty and Wedding party.






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