Kedco signs MoU with investors on renewable energy

Abba Anwar, Kano

In an effort to put a halt on the perennial instability of power supply in Kano, Jigawa and Katsina, the Kano Electricity Distribution Company (Kedco) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with some investors on the use of renewable energy.

This was disclosed by the company’s Chief Technical Officer, David Omoloye, at the Kedco headquarters, Kano, in a media chat with journalists.

“Looking at the lopsided nature of the energy plan in the country, coupled with the unwanted work of vandals on energy equipments, it has become necessary for us to start thinking for other alternatives, “  he said.

According to Mr Omoloye, Kano State has more than enough radiation for utilising solar power, stressing that Kano was one of the places with higher solar energy in the world.

Omoloye stated that, “We can get all the sources from all directions. When we scale through I am assuring you that the issue of vandalization will just go away. “

“The solar energy available in Kano alone can provide up to 100,000 megawatts. We are aware that Kano State government has signed MoU with some investors along that line.

Omoloye further said, “The company was aware of the major crisis facing our customers for lack of electricity supply in the areas under our jurisdiction.

“People should know that generation has dropped down drastically because of the works of vandals on our installations.  We apologise for the crisis in the supply. We cannot give what we don’t have.”

Kedco declared its intention to diversify into other sources of power generation, describing the current situation as frustrating and pathetic as a result of the activities of vandals who have been destroying gas pipelines and other facilities of power generation.

Speaking to reporters at Kedco headquarters in Kano, the Managing Director, Dr. Jamil Gwamna said that already, the company has entered into Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with investors to work out alternative sources of power generation.

Gwawna, who spoke through the Chief Technical Officer of Kedco, Engr. David Omoloye, said that the company is ready to generate power through solar energy and wind power, adding that these two sources of energy when put in use in a couple of years will ease the current challenges faced in the course of power generation.

The Kedco boss, however, expressed bitterness over the issue of vandalisation which is said has virtually crippled power generation and distribution across the country, thereby, affecting socio-economic activities negatively.

According to him, “it is a serious situation which is presently beyond us; and I want our customers to have confident in us and show understanding in this trying period. It’s not our making those customers does not get adequate power supply.

 “Presently, we have been receiving only 50 megawatts in the past weeks which have made the situation pathetic. This is against 5000 megawatts that we receive before the current challenges caused by vandals.

 “It is the vandal that plunge us into this mess and that is why we are trying our best to see that we can get into other sources of power supply to augment the current situation. We deeply apologize to our customers and that is why the company is looking for other alternatives for renewable energy which our investors have already indicated interest.

“You are also aware that Kano State government on its own is making efforts to generate 1000 megawatts from solar energy. The government is in partnership with foreign investors to actualize this. So, in less than no time, things will improve.”