Kenya, Ethiopia vow stronger ties


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said Wednesday he wanted to resolve problems facing both his country and Kenya in order to elevate the economic standard of both countries.

Speaking at a luncheon hosted by Kenyan President William Ruto in Nairobi, Ahmed added that their bilateral ties were a role model that would work to “liberate Africa not only politically but also economically.”

Ruto welcomed Ahmed to Nairobi on Wednesday, where the leaders discussed Ethiopia’s negotiations with the breakaway region of Somaliland to secure access to a seaport.

Ethiopia signed a memorandum of understanding with Somaliland on 1st January.

The document has rattled Somalia, which said it’s prepared to go to war over it because it considers Somaliland part of its territory.

Somaliland says Ethiopia agreed to recognise its independence in return for a naval port.

Africanews/Hauwa M.

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