Kogi Govt Urges Investment In Agric, Others To Boost Economy


The Kogi State Head of Civil Service, Mr. Elijah Evinemi has called for investments in agriculture, manufacturing, technology, and renewable energy to generate revenue and bolster the nation’s economy.


He made this call during the International Conference of Management Sciences at the Federal University Lokoja.


Evinemi cited the overreliance on oil revenues as one of Nigeria’s major struggles and stressed the need for economic diversification amid fluctuating crude oil prices.


Investment in agriculture, manufacturing, technology, and renewable energy will create opportunities to diversify the economy,” he stated.


Diversification is essential for resilience. Agriculture, manufacturing, technology, and renewable energy offer promising avenues. Let us encourage investments in these sectors to create a more balanced economic landscape.” 


The conference, themed “The Search for a Robust Economy in Nigeria: A Multidimensional Approach,” was described by Evinemi as apt and timely.


A holistic approach is essential for a robust economy. The quest for a robust economy demands a multidimensional perspective. We must recognize that we can not measure economic strength solely by GDP growth or fiscal policies. It encompasses social equity, environmental sustainability, and technological innovation,” he explained.


Focusing on human capital, Evinemi underscored the importance of education, skills development, and healthcare as foundational elements of economic progress. “Investing in human capital ensures a sustainable workforce capable of driving innovation and productivity,” he noted.


Evinemi also called for policy consistency and continuity between administrations to maintain economic progress.


We must build upon existing frameworks, adapt where necessary, and maintain a stable business environment. 

Collaboration between government and the private sector accelerates economic growth. Let us foster an ecosystem where businesses thrive, create jobs, and contribute to national development,” he advised.








Agronigeria/Oyenike Oyeniyi

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