Lagos State Charges Boat Operators on Safety Code

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The Lagos State Government has urged boat operators to comply with the state’s safety code.

The admonition comes as the Yuletide season which attracts numerous activities around the city, particularly on the waterways approaches.

The Government also reiterated that the law banning boat operators plying the state’s waterways from operating beyond 7.00pm local time each day still subsist.

this was made known in a joint statement issued by the Director-General, Lagos Safety Commission, Mr. Lanre Mojola and the General Manager, Lagos State Waterways Authority, Mr. Damilola Emmanuel.

The State Government said the operators must comply with the waterways safety code to prevent avoidable accidents and  loss of lives on the state’s waterways.

According to the statement, it has become an offense to boat operators and passengers to be seen around the waterways at the prohibited hours.

Statement reads in part “In line with the  waterways’ safety code developed by all waterway’s regulators and stakeholders, boat transport, activities are to take place between 5:30am and 7.00pm every day. It is an offence for boat operators and passengers to be seen on inland waterways outside of these hours. 

“Therefore, all waterways’ users are advised to strictly observe this time restriction in order to avoid boat mishaps. On no condition should anyone get onboard a vessel after or before the stipulated operational hours likewise no passenger or operator can board a vessel without wearing a life vest with standard buoyancy factor.

“This is very important because in event of an accident, the user will be able to stay float for a few minutes before emergency responders arrive. In addition to using appropriate PPE, boat operators are mandated to have onboard safety equipment’s such as fire extinguishers, first aid box, Pool float ( life buoys ) and so on.”

The government also advised boat operators to adequately fuel their vessel tanks for a journey as fueling mid-sea is an unsafe practice.

It says they should also ensure regular maintenance of engines for effective performance.

Safety Precautions

The statement further noted that the third quarter of the year is a crucial period because of the general increase of commuter’s travel needs and that the waterways transportation sector was not left out.

It however called for the need to take extra safety precautions owing to resurgence of water hyacinths on some navigable channels on the inland waterways.

According to the statement, “Boat operators are advised to navigate water channels cautiously to avoid ramping into water hyacinth as the plant could entangle boat engines leading to breakdown, loss of control and to some cases accidents.

“As you are aware, the Lagos State government is developing multimodal transport system in which all three modes of transportation available are being integrated to improve travel time, cost, experience and overall safety of all commuters.”

It stressed that State government have empowered the State Waterways Authority, LASWA and the Waste Management Authority, LAWMA to clear and dispose of all wastes on inland waterways, stressing that the State Emergency Agency is also enjoying a robust connecting system with LASWA during emergency situation.


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