LP Governorship Candidate to end insecurity, poverty in Ebonyi State

Moses Nwite, Abakaliki

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The Governorship Candidate of the Labour Party (LP) in Ebonyi State, Southeast Nigeria, Architect Edward Nkwegu has mapped out plans to end insecurity and poverty and to create civic programs where what people study in school would reflect what is obtainable in the workforce.

Nkwegu disclosed these plans during his meeting with journalists in Abakaliki, the State capital.

He said, “Crisis, war, insecurity, poverty are results of something and I am going to fight the cause of the above rather watch the effects.”

The LP candidate said insecurity results from abject poverty in the land.

“There’s poverty in Ebonyi State. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, 70.6% of Ebonyi people are poor, and if you search for the 10 poorest State in Nigeria, Ebonyi is one of them.

“I am coming to become Governor so that we can use the resources of the State to create wealth for the masses to end the poverty,” he informed.

He noted that all these communal crises in the State are because of people getting frustrated with living in poverty life, and so they cause a commotion.

“If you must solve the problem of poverty, you must create micro, small and medium enterprises to boost the economic development of the State, my understanding about leadership is to come and solve problem not to create problems,” he added.

The candidate added that there would be agricultural development through mechanisation and Infrastructural improvement so that people could have access to potable water.

He promised that good governance would characterise his government, including accountability, transparency, and accessibility.

“In all our electioneering campaigns, it is going to be peaceful. I don’t want to be recorded as a violence man even after I have lived on earth and died,” Nkwegu said.



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