Mexican And Guatemalan Presidents Meet To Discuss Migration


Mexico President Andrés Obrador and Guatemala President Bernardo Arévalo met at the Mexican border city to tackle issues of shared interest, foremost among them immigration.

Arévalo, who took office earlier this year, noted that they were meeting in the same city where his father Juan José Arévalo, a former president of Guatemala, had met with his Mexican counterpart, Manuel Ávila Camacho, in 1946.

“We want a border that unites, a border that unites our people, the Mexican people and the Guatemalan people, a border that allows us to develop and grow together, with reciprocal benefit, trust, enthusiasm, and collaboration,” Arévalo said.

However, both countries are under pressure from the United States to increase control of their shared border to help control the flow of migrants north. The border also carries security concerns, as so many do.

Meanwhile, before their meeting the first for the two leaders López Obrador said he was worried about security in the border area.

Report says two Mexican cartels have been battling for control in the area, causing death and displacement in remote, rural areas as they try to assert control of the drug, migrant and weapons flows through the area. He said Guatemala was concerned too and the leaders would discuss how to address it.






AP/Christopher Ojilere

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