Mexico Calls On UN To Suspend Ecuador


Mexico is calling for Ecuador to be suspended from the United Nations until the South American country issues a public apology for its raid on Mexico’s embassy in Quito, Mexican Foreign Minister, Alicia Barcena said.

Report says the demand is part of a case Mexico is presenting to the International Court of Justice, the top UN court, which is also known as the World Court.

It comes after Ecuador police on Friday entered the embassy and arrested its former Vice President Jorge Glas, who had sought and was granted political asylum in Mexico.

The arrest, which Mexican President, Andres Obrador has criticized as “authoritarian,” prompted Mexico to suspend diplomatic ties with Ecuador.

The case will be presented to the court during the day, Barcena explained, adding that Mexico hopes to test the international justice system so that events like the one in Quito do not happen again.








REUTERS/Christopher Ojilere

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