Minister advocates empowerment of women, girls in science


Nigeria’s Minister of Innovation, Science, and Technology, Chief Uche Geoffrey Nnaji, has emphasized the crucial need for creating an enabling environment to promote gender equality in science, enabling women and girls to overcome barriers, challenges, and stereotypes.

Speaking at the International Day of Women and Girls in Science event in Abuja, Minister Nnaji underscored the theme of the occasion, “Women and Girls in Science Leadership: A New Era for Sustainability,” highlighting the pivotal roles women and girls play in shaping the nation’s scientific landscape.

Acknowledging women’s historical contributions to scientific discovery and innovation, Nnaji emphasized the importance of tapping into the vast potential of Nigeria’s female population, which constitutes nearly half of the country’s demographic.

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“We cannot afford to overlook the immense reservoirs of talent and potential among our women and girls,” Minister Nnaji stated. “To fully harness the transformative power of science and technology, every voice, regardless of gender, must be heard and valued.”

Despite progress towards gender equality in STEM fields, Nnaji lamented the continued underrepresentation of women and encouraged young girls to persevere in the face of stereotypes and barriers.

He reaffirmed the Federal Government’s commitment to achieving gender parity in STEM, calling on women trailblazers in the science sector to support aspiring female scientists for national development and human advancement.

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