Minister decries poor leadership in Africa

Taiwo Ojedele, Lagos

African leaders have been urged to end the cycle of corruption in the continent by upholding transparency and accountability in all their affairs.

They must also epitomize the qualities of honesty and frugal life style for the continent to move forward.

Nigeria’s information and Culture Minister, Lai Mohammed made this remarks at the inaugural lecture of the Segun Adeleye Foundation for Good Leadership in Africa in Lagos on Thursday.

While attributing the travails of the African continent and its people to poor leadership, the Minister who was represented at the event by the Head of Lagos operations of the News Agency of Nigeria, Joe Bankole, was unequivocal in his conclusions that Africa can only move forward if its leaders embrace and promote virtuous attributes such as integrity, sincerity and honesty.

He urged African leaders to be loyal to the cause of national pride through strategic development of the human and material resources in the continent.

“Leadership position is a place of trust; African Leaders must be sincere and honest. They must also embrace the quality of openness, selflessness and accountability for the continent to develop,” he said.

The convener of the lecture and veteran journalist, Segun Adeleye wondered why many Africans have negative thoughts about the future of the continent. He also queried the complacent attitude of people living in Africa.

According to Mr Adeleye, “The most dangerous trend now is that most Africans don’t even know something is wrong while those that have the feeling that something is missing have given up, believing that it could be a case of retardation and a hopeless situation.”

Mr. Adeleye wants Africa to wake up and take its rightful place in the world so that generations yet unborn will have a continent they can be proud of.

“The message is for Africans to rise up, stop taking whatever is thrown to them, to recognize their identity, essence, and proudly bring their values and aspirations to the table as contribution to international relations. Africa needs its voice and identity to focus and realize its entire God given potentials,” he added.