MNJTF Receives EU Logistics Support To Boost Efficiency

By Nokai Origin


The Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) says it has received substantial logistics support items from the European Union, facilitated by the Défense Conseil International (DCI) Group.

The support according to the Chief Military Public Information Officer MNJTF N’Djamena Chad, Lieutenant Colonel Abubakar Abdullahi aims to enhance the operational efficiency and overall capabilities of the MNJTF.

The support items including office IT equipment such as laptop computers, tablets, printers and office furniture were handed over to the Force Commander, Major General Ibrahim Sallau Ali, on 9 July 2024, at Farcha, Ndjamena, Chad.

General Ali expressed gratitude towards the European Union for its continued support of the MNJTF while commending the efforts of the DCI Group for successfully executing the support project.

He acknowledged the essential role the equipment would play in streamlining operations, improving communication, and enhancing decision-making processes within the task force.

Speaking at the event, the Deputy Chief of DCI Group Paris, Emmanuel Gastines emphasized that the delivery is just the beginning of a series of supports that the DCI Group has planned for the MNJTF.

He stated that future assistance will include surveillance equipment, specialized training, and quick-impact projects designed to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the task force.

He highlighted that the contributions are part of the European Union’s broader initiative to stabilize the Lake Chad Basin region.


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