Moroccan police disperse protest against Covid-19 health pass

Hauwa Mustapha

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Several demonstrations have taken place again across Morocco to protest against the government’s anti-Covid vaccine pass.

In Rabat, police cordoned off the square where an unauthorized rally was to be held in the city center, with around 100 demonstrators dispersed.

“You can’t force 20 percent of the population to get vaccinated when there are side effects in some people and when the government has not provided clear information about it,” said a protester.

“I received the first and second dose, and I don’t want to get the third one. And I refuse to let my children get vaccinated. I don’t want to sacrifice my children who no longer have a father. I don’t want to run that risk because I don’t know who would care for them,” another protester said.

On 21st October, Morocco launched an anti-Covid vaccine pass, the first in a Maghreb country.

All enclosed areas, including hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops, gyms and hammams are now subject to the pass requirement.

An online petition has gathered tens of thousands of signatures, criticizing the “arbitrary” introduction of the health pass.


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