Most of Kyiv Spends Night Without Power After Missiles

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Around 70% of the Ukrainian capital remained without power on Thursday morning, as work continued to restore the city’s water supply.

Russian attacks on energy facilities have caused power cuts across Ukraine.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said energy firms were trying to restore electricity as soon as possible, but this would depend on the “balance” in the national grid.

Across Ukraine, winter is setting in, with snow and sub-zero temperatures.

This morning, a thick wet mist hung over Kyiv. You could make out the shapes of nearby buildings, but barely. The only lights seemed to be the headlamps of cars.

Many people now see their “workplace as a refuge” from the cold, because at least the heating is always on – unlike at home.

Generators To Back-Up Power.
generators as a means of having back-up power.
But many in Kyiv seem matter-of-fact about the hardships they are facing, finding ways to work around it. More and more people are installing generators as a means of having back-up power.

And running water is also no longer a guarantee – even before yesterday’s latest missile attack.

President Volodymyr Zelensky was defiant on social media, writing: “Light always prevails over darkness.”

He said Russian occupierswould never understand this, “existing for a long time in an impenetrable darkness themselves.”

‘ Newborn baby killed’ in attack on Ukraine hospital
In the western city of Lviv, power, water and heat have been restored, after it was left entirely without electricity, according to its mayor Andriy Sadovyi.

But he said there would still be planned blackouts in parts of the city.

Russia has been “targeting missiles at Ukraine’s energy network” for weeks, with rolling power cuts becoming part of everyday life for millions of Ukrainians.




BBC /Shakirat Sadiq

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