Muslim group appeals to labour over fuel price

Mixed reactions have continued to greet the new price of fuel as the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has threatened a showdown with the government.

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) group has joined that debate, calling on all stakeholders, particularly NLC, to do a critical analysis of the situation and adopt dialogue instead of open confrontation with the government.

“Civil society needs responsible leadership at this critical moment. It is true that we are the voice of the voiceless and defenders of the poor and downtrodden. But we are not just there to make noise arbitrarily. Good governance should be complemented with responsible and mature approach on the part of civil society.

Activists should not just make noise for the sake of making their presence felt. Neither should we dissipate energy unnecessarily. It is when we show understanding that we are being reasonable. It is irrational to go all out when government puts all the cards on the table for all to see. We are not enemies of the government. We are here to complement government’s efforts as partners in progress.”

The appealed to the government to open channels for discussion to take place