Muslim organisation unveils Ramadan programme

Luqmon Balogun, Lagos

NASFAT President-Engr. Kamil Bolarinwa speaking to journalists at the Pre-Ramadan Conference. Photo credit: Luqmon Balogon.

An Islamic organisation, the Nasru-lahi-l-Fatih Society, NASFAT has unveiled the programme plans for this year’s month of Muslims fasting, Ramadan.

Speaking to the journalists ahead of the holy month, the President of NASFAT, Engr. Kamil Bolarinwa stated that the society has designed spiritually-filled programmes to Muslims across the world to enjoy and benefit from the all-inclusive month of Ramadan.

“It is an opportunity for us to re-invite Muslims to the way of Almighty Allah as clearly stated in the Quran and the dictates of the prophet of Allah and also for us to restate firmly the benefits that are in the holy month of Ramadan,” NASFAT President said.

Mr Bolarinwa said that,”NASFAT is concerned to point out to our Muslim brothers and sisters and to our neighbours, regardless of their faith, that there is only one God and in worshiping that God, there lies prosperity of our country.”

NASFAT vision
While giving the breakdown of the lined up activities of the society for the Ramadan 1437 of the Lunar month, the Chairman Ramadan committee, Mr. Taofiq Adeseun explained that the organisation exists to actualise a peaceful and enlightened society.

According to him; “as tradition in NASFAT, we believe that our duty is to the society at large because we did not exist for our own salvation, but for the enlightened society that we want to build.”

Adeseun further said, “We want to carry along our members all over the world in their millions and the entire Muslims in these efforts, so that the message that we are propagating will reach millions of Nigeria and beyond.”

Ramadan programmes
The Chairman Ramadan Committee, however, highlights the NASFAT Ramadan programmes for the 2016 as follow:

  • TAFSIR: It is the teaching by the Clerics which takes place at Alausa Secretariat Ikeja, various zones in Lagos and other parts of the world everyday from mid-afternoon till when fasting will be broken. Words of Quran are taught in-depth.
  • TAHAJUD:(All-Night-Vigil) it is a way for people to remember and reconnect with their creator. It holds every Fridays during the month and continues on a daily basis from the last ten days of Ramadan.
  • ANNUAL LECTURE:Lagos Airport Hotel, Oranmiyan Hall is the place for the Annual lecture; it will come up on the 6th day of Ramadan with a Lecture by Professor Musli Yahya of the Department of Religion and Philosophy from the University of Jos. And he will be speaking on the topic: Zakat, Zadaqat and Salary earner in a challenging economic situation.
  • LAILATUL QODIR:It’s a special night in the last ten days of Ramadan and 26th of Ramadan has been picked for this. Venue is the NASFAT ground Asese where hundreds of thousands of Muslims will converge to worship Allah.
  • DAWAH ON TV:The society has a slot on MITV and TVC every morning. Members are enjoined to look out for it.
  • ITIHKAF:This is the period of seclusion where Muslims stay away from family and friends in order to concentrate with devotion to Allah. It will hold
  • IFTAR:It is a feeding programme for the Muslims and non Muslims which hold throughout the month of Ramadan.

Muslims are here by urged to take advantage of the programmes to uplift their spiritual life during the holy month.

Ramadan and economy
NASFAT President spoke on the state of the nation’s economy. Mr. Bolarinwa noted that Nigerians must support the President Buhari-led government to excel in its quest to restore a productive economy.

He stated that the current price of tomato in market was a pointer to all Nigerians to go into agriculture.

“Who thinks tomato can be more expensive than apple in Nigeria? It is a wakeup call for us to go back to agriculture and make sure we create a space in our compound so that we can plant pepper and tomato to feed ourselves.”

He, however, enjoined traders to desist from artificial increase of prices on goods and services during the month of Ramadan.