NAHCON urges stakeholders to adhere to 2025 Hajj timeline 

By Fatima Hassan. Makkah 

Chairman of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), Malam Jalal Ahmad Arabi has called on states and tour operators to intensively sensitize, educate and enlighten their Pilgrims on the 2025 Hajj timeline and to adhere to it accordingly.
He stated this at an annual event marking the end of the 2024 Hajj and the beginning of the 2025 Hajj Season, as announced by the Saudi Arabian Minister of Hajj and Umrah, Dr. Fauzan Al-Rabiah at the Ministry’s office in Makkah.
The Minister thanked Allah, the Pilgrims, and all government and private sectors that partook directly or indirectly in the great success of the 2024 Hajj.
He therefore expressed readiness to start the preparations for the 2025 Hajj by presenting all the Global Hajj Affairs’  Missions documents with their quota.
The NAHCON Chairman, during the annual Post-Arafat Stakeholders’ meeting, revealed that Nigeria maintains its quota of 95,000 (Ninety-five thousand Pilgrims’ slots) for the (1446H Hajj) equivalent to 2025 Hajj Operation.
Malam Jalal Arabi reiterated to the Nigerian gathering that the Commission will be on course as guided by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj’s Timeline to commence arrangements for its Pilgrims as follows.
The NAHCON Chairman/CEO further explained that he was challenged by what he witnessed at the podium of the celebration of the closing of the 2024 Hajj and opening of the 2025 Hajj activities.
Timetable for 2025 Hajj
(12th Dhul Hijjah equals the 18th June, 2024)
– Formal Announcement of Commencement for 1446H Hajj Operation.
– Issuance of quotas (Slots) to all Countries
– Activation of E-track Portal
– Activation of IBAN Account.
(1st Rabiul Awwal 1446H = 4th September, 2024)
– Commencement of preliminary and Preparatory Meetings.
– Meetings with service providers and formation of packages for Accommodation and Feeding
– Appointment of Air Carriers.
(20th Rabiul Thani 1446H = 23rd October, 2024)
– End of Preparatory Meetings.
– Commencement of contracts with Service Providers on service packages
– Choice and reservation of spaces in Masha’er.
(13th Rajab 1446H = 13th January 2025)
– International Hajj Conference and Exhibition.
– Signing of the 2025 Hajj Agreement.
– Signing of Tafweej Agreement (based upon our Choice)
(15th Shaabaan 1446H = 14th February 2025)
– End of Services’ Contracts.
(20th Shaabaan 1446H = 19th February 2025)
– Commencement of visa issuance.
(20th Shawwal 1446H = 18th April 2025)
– End of visa issuance and processing stage.
(1st Dhul Qaadah 1446H = 29th April 2025)
– Commencement of Hajj Flights.

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