Net migration to UK increases

Hauwa Abu Anaja, Leeds

As campaigns over the UK’s future in or out of the EU heat up, latest reports indicate that net migration increased in the country in the last year.

The report comes just as an unconfirmed number of people were killed after two boats carrying hundreds of migrants to Europe capsized off the Italian coast.

According to estimates from the office of the National Migration to the UK rose to 333,000 in 2015, the second highest figure on record.

It says the net migration figure for EU citizens is 184,000.

The statistics show that the number of people leaving the UK has decreased compared to the number entering over the past year.

Up to half of the total net immigrants are from outside the EU.

‘Leave EU’
Supporters of the UK exiting the EU say the number would continue to rise if the country does not take its future in its hands and leave the EU to decide its immigration policies.

However, those who want the UK to remain, argue that the country must be in the regional bloc, if it wants to make relevant impact on immigration issues in the continent.

They argue that whether in or out, immigration in the EU would affect the UK one way or the other.

Fleeing migrants
Meanwhile, Italian authorities say about 90 people are feared dead after two boats capsized on the Mediterranean Sea.

Coast guards rescued some victims while others received treatments for injuries.

A woman was reported to have given birth on the boat.

Italian authorities say most of the victims are from Africa, fleeing poverty and hoping for better opportunities in Europe.